I'm in a wind tunnel.

Well, well, well. Look who's here.

I was born in Atlanta, Georgia. My parents loved me. Then several things happened and I became 6 feet tall. In high school I was a huge fan of making mixed tapes and eating cheese. I started following Jesus. My fashion sense always left something to be desired.

I went to Duke, where I discovered that a sleeve of Ritz crackers made a pretty decent dinner if the dining hall wasn't open. My primary source of vegetables in college was from salsa. I had a radio show from 5am to 7am Saturday mornings. I played a lot of misogynistic rap and folk. Not misogynistic folk. Just regular folk. During this time period I fell in love with New York. For a semester I lived on E. 26th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues and bought a pair of Doc Martins. My fashion sense did not, as it turned out, improve during college. 

I resided for several years in Washigton, DC. Well, to be precise, you'd call it "Washington-proximate." I lived in Arlington, Virginia. I ate Vietnamese food for the first time. I drove around a lot in a white Jeep. I hung out with a lot of teenagers who are now all grown up. I got to spend summers on Martha's Vineyard.

One spring, I spent 6 weeks in Italy. When I got back I knew I wanted to move to New York City, but for reals this time. I took a pay cut and moved into an apartment sight unseen. I've never really looked back.

And here I am. I think I'll hit my stride any minute now.