A Real Craigslist Ad I wrote, January 2013

We have a beloved Pottery Barn couch that we'd like to send to a good home.

She is 85" long and 36" deep.

Our couch has served us well over the years. Sure, she shows some signs of age: she's a little dingy, has a few spots, suffered a tear on one cushion cover, but she's a great couch.

She has never lived with a smoker, a cat or a dog. She's never had bedbugs. No one has ever peed or spit up on her. She does not smell.

She'd be perfect for someone who likes to nap, watch TV, and enjoy a glass of red wine without fretting too much about a spill. She'll be your faithful companion. Her "bones" are good, and there are no upholstery tears. She'd be pleased if you wanted to have her re-upholstered. And she'd be happy with a slipcover, too.

This is a loyal sofa.

If our fancy roommate hadn't gotten a fancy job and bought a fancy couch, we'd have kept the old girl around. But we need to move on, difficult as it is.

Would you like to take her home?

We live on the first floor, so moving is easy. We're asking just $100 for her (cash only), so that we don't cast her out into the street to an uncertain fate.

Outcome? We sold the couch in a day.