They Stole My Bike.

I almost feel like there was a death in the family. My beloved, absurd, 1 speed pink Schwinn bike was ruthlessly stolen today right on West 57th street. The u-lock mercilessly cut and left behind. As if to taunt me.

Look, it wasn't an expensive bike. It was kind of an ugly beautiful bike. Not everyone's taste. Not even my taste, But I grew to love her. And I WANT. HER. BACK.

My friend passed her on to me when he and his wife moved to England. As he said, "the wand picks the wizard" and Pinky picked me.

Before Pinky came into my life I never biked around New York City. I was scared. It seemed dangerous. But under her kind tutelage I not only braved Manhattan from Harlem to Wall Street but crossed the 59th Street, Williamsburg, Manhattan, and Brooklyn Bridges. I survived being "doored" by a cab. She was a trusty steed.

And I'm not ready to give up on her. Not yet.

When I spoke to kind officers of the 18th Precinct of the NYPD they assured me that if I see her anywhere - on the street or even on Craigslist they will - and I kid you not "get a detective and do a sting operation." HELLO.

So here's where you, oh internets, come in. If you see something (my bike) say something (to me).  I will pass it on to New York's Finest.

Tweet.. Retweet. Re-Retweet. Facebook. Call your Aunt Sue who still has a landline. Do what it takes.

I tweet at @nycelizb or use the "let's talk" tab on this site.

How will we know her when we see her? Well. You're in luck. This isn't your average looking NYC bike. She's pink and white. A ladies Schwinn. She stands out in a crowd. Since this picture below was taken her seat has been replaced and is black. The handgrips are black now also. She wasn't wearing her basket today. But this is her. Keep an eye out. Perhaps she's hiding in plain sight.

Let's do this. #findpinky

(and yes, a tip o the hat to Jody Rosen whose success story you can read here.)


PS - she has a bikeguard ID tag on the frame. AAB882. Happy Spotting!