I love it when a plan comes together.

I enjoy emceeing events, facilitating group discussions, writing compelling copy, developing a kickass activation, brainstorming a farfetched idea, developing a communications strategy, marketing an event in creative ways, bringing groups of people together for fun or for a serious purpose, building new and lasting relationships, listening to a colleague over a cup of coffee, speaking to a large group of people on a subject I am passionate about, sending a funny tweet, creating an Insta story and coordinating logistics behind the scenes.

I like to do excellent work. If we can laugh while we do it, all the better.

I'm at my best when I'm helping people learn, understand, connect, develop, have fun, and especially when they are  participating in something meaningful together. I can do great work solo, but I also love to collaborate on a team.

My Story

I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. I somehow don't have a Southern accent, but I do make a mean batch of buttermilk biscuits. Ask anyone. 


In high school, I became an expert at making mixed tapes. I grew to be 6 feet tall and ate roughly half my body weight in cheese and crackers every afternoon. My favorite class was AP Art. My senior year I made the morning announcements on the PA system, and I created a fictional character named "Buffy the Cheerleader." She took on a life of her own and even had a her photo in the yearbook.

I went to Duke, where my primary source of vegetables was from salsa. I had a radio show from 5am to 7am Saturday mornings. I fell in love with New York City and spent a semester living on E. 26th Street. I took a cinema studies class at NYU, interned at Good Morning America, and bought a pair of Doc Martins: I (thought I) was super cool.

bridge jumping.JPG

While and undergraduate, I spent my summers working at a camp on the island of Martha's Vineyard, in Massachusetts. In between stuffing myself with lobster rolls, I learned that I loved public speaking, DJing for my friends' parties and organizing activities for students. Over winter break I led skiing programs with the same kids and took over emceeing the talent show and put together all the decorations for the New Year's Eve party. It’s pretty amazing what you can make out of spray paint, Christmas lights, and old bed sheets.



After Duke, I got an offer I couldn't refuse to move to DC. I ate Vietnamese food for the first time. Where had pho been all my life? I became an expert at facilitating small groups with possibly uninterested teenagers. I organized and ran student conferences and spent a lot of time talking about boy bands whether I wanted to or not. 

law and order edit.jpg

I made an opportunity to move to New York City happen. I needed to get back. I took a pay cut and moved into an apartment sight unseen. It's the kind of thing you do to live in an amazing city. While living in New York I didn’t just continue to write, speak and plan events. I happen to have starred once as a background extra on an episode of Law and Order. So, I am kind of a big deal.


I spent some of the most amazing years of my life in the Big Apple. It’s in my blood. I will never not be a New Yorker. But a funny thing happened in 2018. I quit my job and took some time to travel, take an improv class, get licensed as a New York City tour guide, do some freelance work and take step back. I thought I was just going to change one thing - my job. But instead I got an opportunity to take a new job in a new city doing something (almost totally) new. And I took it. Gulp! In January of 2019 I packed up my Jeep and drove across the country crossing through eleven states to land in San Francisco, California. Did you know it’s hilly here?


When I'm not working I eat a lot of food, and take pictures of said food. I take a lot of non-food photos also. Mostly of pickup trucks (I am a Southern girl, after all). At other times I might be working on a screenplay about the raccoons in Central Park or watching improv or trying to find the very best cocktail San Francisco has to offer.

We should hang out.