An Atlantan Ordering A Beverage in a Northern Restaurant

No, Pepsi is not okay.

No, Pepsi is not okay.


Waiter:                What would you like to drink?

Atlantan:             A Coke, please

Waiter:                Sure. Is Pepsi okay?

Atlantan:             No.

Waiter:                No?

Atlantan:             No.

Waiter:                What would you like then?

Atlantan:             Iced Tea. Do you have sweet tea?

Waiter:                Yeah, I guess. It's sweet.

Atlantan:             Wait. Is it from a mix or is it brewed?

Waiter:                 Brewed? You want hot tea?

Atlantan:             No. Iced tea. Is it made with tea bags or a powder?I don't want it if it's made with a powder.

Waiter:                 It comes out of the same thing as the Pepsi. You know, the drink        machine (points to the soft drink dispenser).

Atlantan:             Water. Just bring me water.

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